Our Privacy Policy

We are very keen on privacy. We want to protect yours, whilst you are browsing our website, as much as possible. This is how we will do it.

Collection of information

Apart from the information that we are able to get from our server logs (and similar information is available to virtually every website owner in the world) we make no effort to gather any additional information about, or from, you. We do however carry hyperlinks on our sites to other websites that we feel will be of interest to you. These websites will need to get information from you (none of which we have access to) in order to prepare quotations for you. We make every reasonable effort to deal only with reputable companies who will keep your data safe. We recommend that you check the privacy policies of these companies before you have any dealings with them.

Information we get from weblogs

This information is generic in nature; in other words none of it can be used to personally identify yourself. It includes data such as the date and time of your arrival on our website, the pages you visited, how long you spent on these pages, which pages you entered and left on, the type of device you use to access our website, your Internet protocol address at the time of your visit, the operating system that powers your device and the browser that you used.

We may use this data from time to time for statistical purposes in order to improve our website. We will not use it to attempt to identify you or set up a profile about you.

Information disclosure

Frankly we have very little information to disclose! However it is our firm policy not to disclose any of this to any other person. The only exception to this would be where we were legally compelled to do so.


Any cookies that we use on this website are designed solely to assist in the operation of the site. They will not be used in any way to store personal information about you.


You may get in touch with us in some way, and if you do so we will store your communication on our computer system. This will be done solely to assist us in helping you with your queries.


We never have, and never will, send out spam to anyone.

Security of information

We have installed security systems to both our servers and computers which are designed to prevent unauthorised access or alteration of data, and we make all reasonable efforts to keep these up-to-date.

Deletion of data

We will happily delete any information that we hold about you upon receiving a confirmed request from you.

Legal compliance

We fully comply with the UK Data Protection Act, and the EU Data Protection Directive.

Changes to this policy

Data protection laws are firming up all over the world, which in our opinion is an excellent thing. In order to stay compliant with these laws it may be necessary for us to change this policy from time to time. It will not be possible to give notice of this so you may wish to re-read this policy from time to time.

Contacting us regarding this policy

We are Carolyn Fryer Research, Suite 150, 792 Wilmslow Road Didsbury Manchester M20 6UG. You can get in touch with us by using the details on our 'contact' page.

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