Why women can still get cheaper car insurance

Insurance companies are barred from making an applicant's sex a factor in calculating insurance premiums. No-one said anything about the applicant's job, however, and it is undeniable that there are certain occupations traditionally taken up by males, and some which are predominantly female. We got quotes for a 21-year old lady from a well known price comparison engine, inputting precisely the same description each time, apart from the occupation. We checked ten of the more traditionally female occupations, with ten of the more male-dominated jobs, and the results are in the table below.

Popular female job Lowest Quote Popular male job Lowest quote
Secretary 833.80 Truck driver 1151.25
Nurse 839.30 Janitor 1151.25
PR officer 865.70 Farmer 1158.60
Beauty therapist 932.80 Engineer 1204.83
Insurance underwriter 932.80 Production supervisor 1245.20
HR officer 929.60 Carpenter 1246.83
Care assistant 924.00 Heating engineer 1262.91
Cashier 940.02 Car mechanic 1258.37
Librarian 942.24 Sales rep 1400.17
Teacher 1026.27 Labourer 1430.00


For the particular young lady we chose, her average premium for a more female-inclined occupation was £916.65. For the more male-oriented jobs the average was £1250.94. This means a difference of £334.29, which means that, on average, someone in a more male-dominated occupation, with, otherwise, exactly the same profile, would have had to have paid over a third more than someone in an occupation more traditionally staffed by females. Good news for male nurses and secretaries, but awful news for female sales reps or manual labourers.

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