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Hi! My name is Caroline Fryer (that's me, above) and I'm a youngish mum living in Didsbury, South Manchester.

I grew up with three brothers. Some people may feel that that was a difficult situation for a young girl to be in; after all boys can be very tough and competitive! Some of that competitiveness rubbed off on me though. I always tried to be the best at school at everything I tackled but it soon became obvious that I was more artistic than practical. Unfortunately, for a young school leaver just starting off in the big world, becoming a world-famous artist wasn't really an option so I went into insurance instead, selling car insurance policies over the phone for a major brokerage company.

That was where I met Jon, my husband to be! We married soon after we met, then a couple of years later our daughter Cheryl came along, followed two years later by our son Peter. That put a complete halt on my insurance career! However it opened new doors for me; when I wasn't being a full time mum I was able to give my artistic side all my spare time and attention. Creating this website was part of my learning curve.

The Internet has been the making of me. It has enabled me to reach out across the world, to contact people and companies over all parts of the globe. I now specialise in creating artwork of a dreamy, etherial nature; perhaps I'm still a dreamy, etherial girl at heart.

If my work appeals to you and it could help you with your business plans, I would love to hear from you.

Here are a few of my latest examples:

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